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Project Playwright
Labor of love, literature, and late nights

The idea was simple:

5 Emerging Playwrights 4 Rounds 3 Playwrights per round 2 Weekends of performances 1 Survivor. 


There were 7 Project Playwrights over a decade.  We discovered new talent, renewed passion for the theater from established talent by pushing ourselves and theater.   The playwrights were given a writing task at 9 PM one evening and turned in a completed 10 page play by 8:00 AM the next day to a director and cast. That team had 12 hours to go from page to stage and fully realize the play that evening. The audience voted and a usually a panel of judges voted.  They had equal influence in deciding the winner but regardless of what happened 12 new plays (at least 2 by each playwright) were fully produced.  And the breakfasts were epic as well.  Thank you to everyone who participated and maybe we will do it again some day.

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