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Immersive Theater
Where people pick how they watch and experience



The show is a composed as a verbal symphony to be experienced as if one were allowed to walk among the orchestra as it plays a symphony. It exists in six movements that run simultaneously and allow the audience to walk freely within the production to experience when four couples are thrown together for one last opportunity, one last chance at closure while their lives play out for them to see and all to hear at their final Audience. 


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Audience members become members of a terrible plan to rule the world.  They will be become a security officer, a scientist, or rich and powerful as a scientist struggles with a single choice across infinite possibilities.


bird in the hand.jpeg

When a scientist creates key that will decrypt any cypher the two national super powers will do anything to get their hands on the code and the creator.  In this cat and mouse and mouse game played on three stages simultaneously the only sure thing is that someone will have to die, it's just a question of who.


text noir.jpeg

Missing diamonds, femme fatales, and a private detective on the edge of a big secret.  The action happens in a bar and every audience member can watch one character's text thread on top of the action.

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